Jab, Hook and Kick Yourself Slim

26 01 2011

I don’t know about you, but I like to hit things. Hit things without repercussions. Hit things that won’t hit back. Hit things to release all the pent up aggression or stress or whatever else it is that builds up during a busy school week. I’m cool with kicking, too.

That’s why the Ann Arbor College of Martial Arts ‘Cardio Kickboxing’ class has become the new hangout spot for me and some of my girlfriends.

I like to describe this joint as “raw.” Conveniently (for me), it’s located at 1952 S. Industrial–right by Kroger, CVS, and Benny’s Family Dining. In a big open room surrounded by mirrors, you’ll beat the crap out of bags and sweat like crazy for 45-55 minutes.

Photo from the Ann Arbor College of Martial Arts Facebook Page

During the class, you do some warm ups and then jump right into intervals of cardio, abdominal work, and bag work. For instance, you may do 45 seconds of mountain climbers, then 45 seconds of sit-ups, then 45 seconds of jab/hook combinations on the punching bags. Basically, you repeat that type of sequence for the majority of the time.

When I say raw, though, the best part about this place is you never know what to expect. There’s no strict format the instructors stick to. One instructor may have you pushing the 50 pound punching bags across the room in a race, while another may have you lunging and doing wall-sits. One guarantee, though, you WILL sweat. Plus, you get to wear cool hand wraps to protect your knuckles.

This class is a fantastic, quick, full-body workout that will leave your face beet red and dripping in sweat. And if you have any injuries or just aren’t feeling your best, you can modify each exercise to suit your workout needs. For this reason, you’ll see all kinds of people at this class. From college-aged girls to ahem..slightly overweight older people, to big beefy guys, to a group of jean wearing, motorcycle riding hippies (I swear, it happened once). But the point is, don’t worry about fitting in here.

The best part about this whole post? YOUR FIRST CLASS IS FREE! Yup, just show up wearing workout clothes and bearing a water bottle, you’ll fill out a quick form, they’ll provide you with hand wraps, and you’re all ready to kick some ass. If you love the workout, you can buy 20 classes for $100. I did this, it’s a pretty good deal–especially if you plan to be a regular.

Check the website for the schedule. There are early evening classes M-F. Good for us college students!

Hope to see you there,





3 responses

28 01 2011

This post is really helpful! I have been joking with my guy friends all week about how I wanted to try kickboxing since they’ve been taking boxing lessons so I could keep up with them. I have been looking for a good place to do it (not just a normal gym with a random instructor who comes in and teaches kickboxing once a week). I’m going to have to give this place a try!

Plus, it’s right near Benny’s, and I love Benny’s. Post-workout dinner? 🙂

28 01 2011

Oh my gosh you have NO idea how tempting Benny’s is when placed right next to a workout joint. We joke about going there after kickboxing every time. It’s the greatest post-night-out restaurant in town!

31 01 2011

so does this mean we can go to Benny’s now?

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