P90X Plyometrics: The Best Calorie Burner Out There

10 02 2011

The P90X workout program is intense. At best. It’s a 90 day exercise program containing a variety of DVDs–13–that you do six days a week. The videos range from yoga to chest and back to cardio, and so on. Each and every muscle gets used and abused in this program–until your 90 days is up and your stronger and fitter than ever.

I finished the program about a month ago, and I have to admit, I was so sick of it by the end. The videos get repetitive and I was craving the gym. I wonder how many times in my life I’ll say that? But it did help me break out of an exercise rut of doing the same old, same old. The guy who started the program, Tony Horton, is pretty humorous and keeps you cracking up through the videos. Until you have them all memorized and you want to beat the crap out of your TV if you hear him tell you not to eat Krispy Kremes one more time.

P90X Poster

Photo by bestbuyp90x.blogspot.com

The video I want to tell you guys about today is one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever endured. And I had to endure it again..and again..and again until my 90 days were up. As much as I love to hate it, though, I still try and do the Plyometrics video at least once a week because it is amazing for your body.

Plyometrics is jump training. You know, like you did during high school sporting practices? Those jumping lunges, 180 jumps, and knee hops? Yeah, this video has everything. It is an hour long, and you’re basically jumping the entire time. Tony says at the beginning of the video that this kind of training is out of fashion. And it’s true. This high impact kind of exercise has largely been deserted for more low impact training, such as the elliptical machine. And while I don’t recommend Plyometrics for people with injuries, doing the video once a week is great for your overall fitness.

Basically, there is NOT a workout where you will sweat more. You’ll be more out of breath, more beet red, and more exhausted than ever. But once the video ends, you feel incredible. It is a great metabolism booster, and you’ll keep burning calories all day long.

I have the entire program–which is pricey. It’s about $150, and you need a few sets of free weights. There are ways, however, to download just a single video..albeit illegally? Not that I’m a proponent of this method, but I know some of my roommates have been able to download some of the videos on their computer. Whatever your method, if you are serious about exercise and want to get one of the best workouts of your life–I suggest you try P90X Plyometrics.




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12 02 2011

I’ve heard from some people that P90X is not all inclusive- I mean that in addition to paying a lot for the official DVDs, you have to buy equipment, too. So I’d be interested to know from you, since you actually used it for 90 days (which I’m really impressed with), is this true? I know there are a bunch of P90 excercise programs, so maybe this isn’t true for the P90X?

13 02 2011

For P90X you need a few sets of free weights, an either a pull-up bar or resistance band. A ton of the program is push-ups and pull-ups. Then, I have 12, 10, 8, and 5 pound dumbbells. I’ve found those weights to work for almost all of the videos. I could use heavier weights on some of the back videos–maybe some 15s, 20s, and 25s. You can buy pull-up bars that install in a doorway for fairly cheap–around $40 or so. You can also buy a resistance band instead of the pull-up bar.

There are other programs that don’t require equipment at all. For instance, Insanity, another popular program, is a 60 day program that is mostly high-intensity cardio work. Basically, every video is similar to Plyometrics.

15 02 2011

Some of my roommates have been doing Insanity and I’ve tried the workouts a couple times. Have you tried Insanity? Do you know how Insanity and P90X compare?

15 02 2011

I haven’t tried Insanity, but I do know a decent amount about it. Insanity is 60 days as compared to the 90 in P90X. There are no weights, you use only your own body. I compare Insanity to P90X Plyometrics–but each day you do a video similar to this. It doesn’t have the intensive weightlifting that P90X has, but it is super intense cardio. It’s a great program for females, as girls don’t typically like lots of weightlifting. My problem with the program is that Insanity is super high impact all the time, and I have some knee/back/ankle problems from years of working out. I can’t handle the stress it puts your body under. I also really value lifting weights and wouldn’t want to lose my strength that I’ve gained over the years.

12 02 2011

When did you do the 90-day workout? Over the summer? I’ve always been curious about this (and the price tag doesn’t scare me too much…) but I know I’m too busy to do it during the semester. I’m thinking about trying it after graduation. I’m a bit nervous.

13 02 2011

I did it near the end of September until around winter break–end of December. It’s actually LESS time consuming for me than me normal workouts, because you never have to leave the house. While it is a big commitment because you are required to workout six days a week, the workouts are usually about an hour and twenty minutes. I belong to the YMCA in Ann Arbor, which is a ten minute drive both way, so going to the YMCA takes much longer for me than doing a P90X video at home. Since you really like working out and staying in shape, I’d recommend the program for you!

14 02 2011

great!! thanks lizzy.

14 02 2011

I’ve tried different parts of the P90X (too into the (basically free) gymrat routine to get into the full 90 days straight thing and pay 150 up front for it all). And I can definitely say that it is one of the greatest types of workouts out there. I try to regularly do the ab ripper x part since that is the greatest ab workout I have ever come across. It looks like I’m going to have to look into P90X more though, since I have just recently come to terms with the fact that my body will not let me do weighted squat or most other types of lower body lifts thanks to years of running pounding out my legs and hips.

15 02 2011

Ab Ripper X is great–like Tony says, I hate it..but I love it. I was kind of in the same boat–I was getting repeated knee/foot injuries from running and lifting weights at the gym, so I tried P90X. The program did give me back pain, which I had never experienced until starting these videos. But for the most part, my knee/foot problems went away. Then, since I’ve started going to the gym, my knee pain has come back.

I always think it’s interesting how doing what’s right for your body can sometimes hurt it. I just have to learn to moderate!

14 02 2011
Karen's Kitchen

I’ve always wondered about trying the P90X. Some of my friends have done it and have gotten super fit. It’s definitely more motivation to try it. My roommate said she might get the dvd, so maybe we’ll see. It seems fun to workout to.

14 02 2011

I used to laugh at my roommates when they would do this in our living room until I tried it and was so sore!

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