Tasty, Healthy Vegeterian Tacos

15 02 2011

When I became a vegetarian, I wanted nothing to do with meat. I was sick of it, I thought it was gross, and I knew I wouldn’t miss it. As the years passed, however, I came to understand how to eat a healthy meat-free diet, and I eventually discovered soy-based “fake” meats. I have come to incorporate veggie burgers, veggie hot dogs, veggie ground beef, etc. into my diet. I even eat veggie sausages!

There is a bit of controversy regarding soy products (some possible links to breast cancer, trigger for hypothyroidism), and while no studies are conclusive, I don’t recommend eating too many soy products each day. I do think these things are okay in moderation, and I highly recommend substituting a meat product for a “fake” meat product, as it will greatly decrVeggie Tacosease the fat and calorie content of your meals. In fact, despite some soy product controversy, the USDA incorporated a recommendation for an increased consumption of soy products into their guidelines today!

This is one of my favorite dinners–vegetarian tacos. It’s SUPER easy to make. We’re talking less than ten minutes. Plus, I can make it a few times a week since the ingredients will last.

Vegetarian Tacos Recipe:

Whole-wheat or spinach tortillas (I like ones that are fat-free or low-fat)

Plain, non-fat Greek yogurt (I use this instead of sour cream–tastes EXACTLY the same in a recipe!)

Boca burger crumbles (this is the “fake” ground beef–there are other brands that are good, too. Find it in the frozen section of the grocery store)

Optional Toppings: Salsa, tomatoes, lettuce, shredded cheese, black beans, avocado, etc.

The burger crumbles are incredibly easy to make. Just put a bit of olive oil in a saute pan with the crumbles and they cook up in five minutes. I add spices like cayenne pepper and Cajun seasoning. Then just add the toppings you like, and voila!



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