My Favorite Workout DVDs

18 02 2011

You know those days when it’s cold and rainy outside and leaving your house to head to the gym sounds miserable? Or when you’re in a time crunch and only have less than an hour to squeeze a workout in? Or when you’re traveling and don’t have somewhere you can exercise? Well, instead of just calling my workout off under these circumstances, I turn to at-home exercise DVDs.

There’s A LOT of crap out there. There are thousands of DVDs to sort through when ordering online, and frankly, most of them suck. Here are some of my favorites (aside from P90X)– the ones I think are the best workout.

Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism — This is about a 40 minute cardio & strength DVD that doesn’t require any extra equipment. You really sweat and get a whole body workout. Jillian is one of my favorite trainers, and I think this is her best DVD.

Jackie Warner: One-On-One Training With Jackie — This video uses free weights & body training to work your upper body, lower body and core in segments. She’s tough and also one of my faves!

Rodney Yee: Power Yoga Total Body — Yoga classes are really pricey, so it’s nice to have a good yoga DVD you can use at home. This 65 minute workout is tough, but still calming. You only need a yoga mat.

Keli Roberts: Fat Burning Kickboxing Workout for Dummies — I burn about 700 calories with this video–which is a ton. I love kickboxing and how it just sheds fat off your entire body. It’s about 40 minutes.

These are some of my favorites. I think it’s really important to have DVDs on hand. For instance, next week I am going to California and will bring some exercise videos with me so I can alternate between running, hiking and using DVDs to get a good workout in. Also, just a note, if you have Comcast with On Demand, there are about a hundred free workout videos under the “Sports & Fitness” section. I use them all the time!




One response

19 02 2011

I tried my first workout video just a few months ago. Just like you said, it was freezing and snowing outside but I really wanted to workout, so I had no choice. Before during the workout video, I sort of assumed it would be a light workout and wouldn’t compare to my workout at the gym. However, i was pleasantly surprised.

My friend and I did one of the 30 minute workout videos On Demand and got a great workout. I was actually sweating at the end and it felt great to change up my routine. Even though I prefer going to the gym, the workout videos are definitely better than nothing and good to switch it up a little. That’s so smart to bring the dvds on vacation..maybe I will consider next week for spring break!

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