The Best Butt-Lifters

21 02 2011

We all want a nice rear-end, yeah? Honestly, it’s one of my most important “target” areas when I exercise. I want a firm, lifted behind, and so I try and work my lower body 2-3 days a week (aside from cardio, yoga, kickboxing, etc. which all work your lower body, too).

Here are some of the best lower body exercises — you can use weights (I do), you can use no weights if you’re new to weightlifting. The best part is, though, if you don’t have access to weights, these exercises are still extremely effective. I’ll be doing them in California next week!


Squat -- Photo by

Bulgarian Lunge

Bulgarian Lunge -- photo by










Squat with Calf Raise: When rising to the top, add a calf raise. I like to use 10 pound weights with this exercise.

Bulgarian Lunge: Lunge with leg on chair. Make sure your knee doesn’t come out over your toe when you lunge.

Wall Sit

Wall Sit -- photo by

Wall Sits: Everyone hates them, but they are the best for getting a svelte lower body. Do them for about a minute. You can make things harder by doing one-legged wall sits or weighted wall sits.

Walking Lunge: I use 10 pounds weights.

One-legged Deadlift: No weights are necessary here.

Do all of these exercises for 20 repetitions (and one minute for the wall sit), and repeat the cycle 2 or 3 times.

*Make sure you don’t work the same muscles 2 days in a row. If you work legs on Monday, do not work them on Tuesday! (By “working” them, I mean an intense weightlifting session targeted directly at that area). Your muscles need a day to rest after weightlifting to repair and grow.

Also, as an added bonus, I use the StairMaster a few times a week. Great butt-lifter!




One response

21 02 2011

I could feel my entire body hurting when I read that you wrote “wall sits.” They are the most painful exercise in the entire world, but I know that also means they must really work! I know that wall sits are used for fraternity hazing, and that in itself is reason enough for me not to do it! It sounds so awful haha. I would try every other exercise possible before I did one wall sit.
I don’t mean to be negative though, I really respect that you can do them because to be honest, I think my legs would give out after one second of even trying!

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