About Me

Hi and thanks for visiting. This page helps you get to know me a little bit better.

I am a senior English major at the University of Michigan, pursuing a career in journalism. Health and fitness is a passion that I have been exploring on the side for eight years now. I exercise daily and I consider it to be my biggest and favorite hobby. Sweating it out is my greatest stress reliever, and as a college student, stress reduction is highly valued.

For workouts I do everything from kickboxing to yoga to P90X, and I like to leave no workout unexplored. I am a fan of trying new things and finding the right fit for me. I like intensity and I love to push myself.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

Daft Punk and Kanye West may not necessarily have been talking about exercise, but I believe that the harder we push ourselves (with limits, obviously) the more results we will see. I do not believe in taking it easy on the elliptical four days a week. While I still applaud any type of exercise, I want to help you break out and try something new. Challenge yourself. I promise, you will see results.

Aside from exercise, I eat well balanced, low-calorie meals to round out my healthful lifestyle. Fitness is only one aspect of well-being. I have been a vegetarian for seven years and love to cook and try new things. While not an expert chef, I like to look through books and magazines for recipes that sound interesting, and I always try at least 2 new ones per week. This way, I never get bored and have even been able to put together my own personal cookbook!

I like to get feedback from people and hear about their workouts, tasty recipes or fitness tidbits. Everyone has a unique perspective, and mine is only one of thousands. So talk to me, engage and enjoy the blog!



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