P90X Plyometrics: The Best Calorie Burner Out There

10 02 2011

The P90X workout program is intense. At best. It’s a 90 day exercise program containing a variety of DVDs–13–that you do six days a week. The videos range from yoga to chest and back to cardio, and so on. Each and every muscle gets used and abused in this program–until your 90 days is up and your stronger and fitter than ever.

I finished the program about a month ago, and I have to admit, I was so sick of it by the end. The videos get repetitive and I was craving the gym. I wonder how many times in my life I’ll say that? But it did help me break out of an exercise rut of doing the same old, same old. The guy who started the program, Tony Horton, is pretty humorous and keeps you cracking up through the videos. Until you have them all memorized and you want to beat the crap out of your TV if you hear him tell you not to eat Krispy Kremes one more time.

P90X Poster

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The video I want to tell you guys about today is one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever endured. And I had to endure it again..and again..and again until my 90 days were up. As much as I love to hate it, though, I still try and do the Plyometrics video at least once a week because it is amazing for your body.

Plyometrics is jump training. You know, like you did during high school sporting practices? Those jumping lunges, 180 jumps, and knee hops? Yeah, this video has everything. It is an hour long, and you’re basically jumping the entire time. Tony says at the beginning of the video that this kind of training is out of fashion. And it’s true. This high impact kind of exercise has largely been deserted for more low impact training, such as the elliptical machine. And while I don’t recommend Plyometrics for people with injuries, doing the video once a week is great for your overall fitness.

Basically, there is NOT a workout where you will sweat more. You’ll be more out of breath, more beet red, and more exhausted than ever. But once the video ends, you feel incredible. It is a great metabolism booster, and you’ll keep burning calories all day long.

I have the entire program–which is pricey. It’s about $150, and you need a few sets of free weights. There are ways, however, to download just a single video..albeit illegally? Not that I’m a proponent of this method, but I know some of my roommates have been able to download some of the videos on their computer. Whatever your method, if you are serious about exercise and want to get one of the best workouts of your life–I suggest you try P90X Plyometrics.


Empower Yourself for Fitness Success!

25 01 2011

Hello readers,

Welcome to my online all-around health and fitness guide for women. This blog is aimed to help college women, specifically in Ann Arbor, live a healthful lifestyle in a stressful setting.

Between late night pizza munchies and greasy cafeteria food, we all know it can be extremely difficult to stay in shape during these four years. Old university gyms crowded with meat-heads aren’t helping our case either.

The important thing to remember before reading this blog, though, is that WE ARE NOT DOOMED FOR FITNESS FAILURE! We do NOT have to gain the freshman fifteen. We do NOT have to be held captive by 4:00am pizza delivery. And most importantly, we CAN workout and have fun in Ann Arbor!

All you need for fitness success is the motivation and the basic knowledge of the ins and outs of the fitness world. I am here to help you.

I am not a fitness trainer and I am not a dietitian. But I am an avid exerciser and I have been for nearly eight years. Early in high school, I lost thirty pounds after embracing exercise and healthy eating as an important part of my life. Now, I work out every day and I immerse myself in the fitness world as much as possible. From reading fitness magazines to participating in P90X—an intense 90-day workout program—I have come to learn essential tips for maintaining a healthful lifestyle. As a vegetarian for seven years, I pride myself on eating balanced, low-calorie foods that still taste amazing, and I want to share this all with you.

Me now

Prior to losing 30 pounds

I want to provide you with everything from weightlifting tips to suggestions on how to avoid the weekend binge. I will tell you about great places in Ann Arbor that offer fun workout classes—including FREE ones. I’ll give you some of my favorite recipes and reviews of the best Comcast On Demand workouts and exercise DVDs. I will also give you tidbits such as when to replace your running shoes and how to understand your heart rate.

Most of all, I want to provide a community for females to learn and to engage. Today is the day to empower yourself for fitness success.

I want feedback from you. Let me know if there is anything you are looking for or want to see in this blog and I will do my best to provide for you. We can do this together!

Until next time,